You don’t say? Nicolas Cage crashed the CAGED festival and yep he made it weird

Running for four years now, the CAGED marathon is a day-long festival to celebrate the actor who has been immortalised in both modern film and meme culture, Nicolas Cage.

Held in the New Orleans’ Alama Drafthouse, die hard fans have gathered year after year, in the month of January – Niccy’s birth month.

With the C4GED fiesta being the last of its kind, leaving no movie unwatched, there was suspicion that the day might finish with a bang.

LargeThat’s right. The man, the myth, the legend Nicolas Cage actually made an appearance.

The Cage Cult met its leader in the most bizarre of ways.

In a similar fashion to Shia LaBeouf, Cage picked out his favourite flicks from his diverse filmography and felt the love as he sat with his fans to watch the films for 12 hours.

Featured in this monstrous binge were the films Lord of War, Bangkok Dangerous, Joe, Army of One and Bringing Out the Dead.

Ummmm…No Face/Off? Really?

The actor proceeded to dramatically read an excerpt of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart to the eager crowd, followed by an hour long Q&A.

Whether you hate the guy, think he’s overrated, underrated or think he’s a crazy genius, you have to credit his commitment to putting on a good show.

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