Andrei Eremin picks 4 criminally underrated artists you need to know

4 criminally underrated artists according to Andrei Eremin (somehow we think you should take note)

The laughably talented Andrei Eremin sets the record straight with who he thinks are some of the most underrated artists gracing the world with amazing music right now. Take it away Andrei.

Andrei Eremin has made a name for himself as a one of the premier producers to grace this land. Whether it be with some sick collaborations with his boy Milwaukee Banks, sitting behind the mixing table for other great Aussie artists or simply being a boss with his own original music, Eremin is without a doubt a man in a league of his own.

So when this bearer of good beats weighs in on who he thinks are some of the best musos flying under the radar you best pay attention.

Andrei Eremin 4 underrated musicians


I’lls are frequently cited by most of my friends as their favourite Melbourne band, and far be it for me to go against popular opinion. Inspired by the likes of Radiohead, Boards of Canada, Burial and more, they’ve been creating warped, forward-thinking electronic music for four years. Their latest EP manages to cover a broad scope yet somehow feel mature and refined, a testament to their work ethic and musical chemistry. All they need is a big break and they could make history.

Last Night In Paris

Last Night In Paris are a UK cloud rap group / art collective who have been around for a couple years producing solid tunes, but still largely flying under the radar. This short film encompasses their style beautifully – it’s dark, surreal, culturally on point and features them acting and rapping alongside their own self-produced soundtrack. It’s one of the most breathtaking pieces of art I’ve ever seen with killer view counts to match. If you’ve got 10 minutes to spare, watch this whole video and get behind LNIP before the rest of the world does.

Martin King

Martin is a producer / singer / songwriter who’s been making music for years with The Harpoons, as a solo artist and formerly as part of Oscar ’N’ Martin. His remix of Oscar Key Sung’s Brush is one of my favourite tracks so far this year, turning the feminist pop anthem into an ambitious dark club jam. Head onto his SoundCloud and you’ll find a treasure trove of music just as on point, all with only a few thousand plays each. Super talented and lovely guy who I can’t wait to see break through to a wider audience.

Cassius Select

Another producer who’s been working at it for years, Cassius aka Guerre aka 1/3 of Black Vanilla is the unofficial leader of forward-thinking electronic music in Australia. His alien beats demonstrate a mastery of arrangement, making world class experimental dance music seem easy. Keep your eye on his SoundCloud, it’s only a matter of time before he makes something so groundbreaking that the whole world notices.