Going on tour kid? Moses Gunn Collective have your back with 6 things you can’t do without

As they weave their way around Australia, showering the country with the psychedelic sparkle dust that is their debut record, Mercy Mountain, Moses Gunn Collective take us through six of their most treasured tour essentials – some obvious. Some…not so much.

Moses Gunn Collective tour list

About to embark on a national tour and don’t know what to pack besides your toothbrush? Chill brah, experts Moses Gunn Collective have the 6 essentials all laid out.


Just in case Elton John cancels an arena tour and they need MGC to headline, we like to be prepared just like the scouts.


You always need more than you think.

Mercy Mountain CD

So we can fight about who actually wrote the lyrics and establish some decent band feuds.

Colouring-in Books

Keep us entertained for the long drives, of course you need the crayons too.

Little Black Book

We always meet the most interesting people on the road.


You can never have enough right?