Lap up the tinsel-tinged psych vibes of Moses Gunn Collective on Mercy Mountain

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Brissy psych rock five-piece Moses Gunn Collective have let loose a monster debut album. Transporting us to a cosmic psychotropic fantasy land, Mercy Mountain offers everything from dreamy chillers to soulful rockers. Showered in toxic guitar riffs, woozy synths, flamboyant falsetto and a shitload of glitter, this album is downright epic.

Moses Gunn Collective Mercy Mountain

An unstoppable wave of swirly, psych tinged guitars is what awaits you upon meeting Moses Gunn Collective on Mercy Mountain, the peak of their zany rock so far.

With their DIY videos, homemade costumes, semi-professional dance moves and overall whacky aesthetic, the MGC have quickly become local faves in the Brisbane scene. Sprinkling their EP Morning Shakes and newest tunes across the lands whilst recently touring with fellow Brisbanites The Jungle Giants, Aidan Moore (vocals, guitar), Alex Mitchell (bass), Samuel Sargent (drums), Lewis Stephenson (guitar) and Isabelle Carroll (keys) are killing it with their zany take on psych rock.

After the multihued Strawberry bashes out a whole lot of swirly noise, the title track opens the Mercy Mountain pass. Sleepwalking into the dazed drum beat and harmonised Bee Gees-esque falsetto that swells with lyrics like “I just want to feel like I’m a woman”, you enter the magical dreamland. Washing the skies in shades of pink, slow jam Shalala stretches over valleys of lush guitar and vocal hooks that seem to stretch on for miles and miles.

Lead single Back Into The Womb then takes us back to where it all began. Shedding layers of cosmic guitar riffs, sparkly synths and wailing vocals, the glitter-laden tune is dazzled with warped lyrics about that happy space we once all called home. Glamifying the womb with tinsel-tinged psych vibes, this trippy track sums up everything that makes MGC charmingly different from the rest.

Wandering deeper into the synthesised terrain, Colour Television unleashes an avalanche of psychedelic noise. Burying you in your daydream, you remain blissfully unaware how many tracks deep you are into the album until the slow burning Neighbourhood launches us on our final transcendental trip. Building to a nostalgic outpouring, the soulful melody eventually awakens us from our trance.

Gloriously dreamy, this album is full of whopper tunes that’ll have you spellbound. Whether the rock and roll turbo boost is flicked on or you’re floating through the album’s dreamy chillers, Moses Gunn Collective’s magical Mercy Mountain will imprison you until the very end. Set to release the monster LP on August 7 through Create/Control, the collective will then lift off on their five-show tour across the East Coast. Presented by us here at Happy and also our good mates at Select Music, make sure you grab your tickets now to see them in all their glittery glory.

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