You will feel dirty after watching this tourist camPAIN video for Sydney

You have to laugh, because otherwise you’ll cry: Sydney’s new tourist video puts the PAIN in campaign

In attempt to apparently promote the city of Sydney, Destination NSW has commissioned a campaign tune that has most of the internet recoiling into themselves and then booking tickets to literally anywhere else.

Sung by X-Factor Duet Jess and Matt, Sydney To Me is a pop number that compares the stars’ love to Sydney.


So basically, their love is like a heavily controlled and pricy organisation. Poor things.

We highly recommend putting the video on mute and watching the couples faces as they uncomfortably sing to each other with smiles cheesier than the lyrics they’re singing.

The song was launched at the Opera House on Australia Day. Just to add salt to the wound, the video features mainly white people, neglecting to acknowledge how multicultural the city is.

The lyric about “dancing all night” is a contentious one. Clearly Jess and Matt haven’t been told about the lockout laws yet.

Also, since when are the Blue Mountains in Sydney?

And if it couldn’t’ get any cringier, Destination NSW have compared the song to Lou Reed’s Berlin and Alicia KeysEmpire State of Mind.

It seems Destination NSW keep taking wrong turn after wrong turn, following their last #LiveItUpLocally tourism video flopped. They haven’t yet learned how to hide their blatant propaganda.

But hey, its like they always say: When something doesn’t work the first time, just keep doing the same thing and hope people wont notice!

No one is denying that Sydney is a lovely muse to the creative souls out there. We’ve got James Reyne’s Reckless to prove that. But the difference is Reckless came from the heart, Sydney To Me came from the government’s pockets.

Some of our favourite comments on the song’s YouTube video include:


And the simple yet effective: “delet this”. The typo makes it.

The staggering amount of dislikes on the clip speaks volumes. We’re sorry to have to show you this.