This New Years Eve in Sydney get so close to the fireworks you singe your eyebrows

There has been some shaky times recently, but Sydney can still be an impressive force when it comes to nightlife. No doubt, a few venues have been tragically closed in the last couple of years but the Sydney CBD and other key areas still sport an unbelievable density of bars, clubs and live venues.

The self-professed “biggest NYE party in The Rocks” is taking place at The Orient Hotel, a backbone of the Sydney circuit since 1844. If you’re looking for the über-pub vibes you only experience in maxed-out venues, this is undoubtedly on top of the charts.

orient hotel new years eve

Despite what naysayers may preach, there’s a ton of New Years Eve options in Sydney, and supporting these events has never been more important.

With a few key institutions keeping the flame burning, Sydney has continued to impress in the face of adversity. If you’re spending New Years Eve in the city, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be heading out to one of these pubs to support the night time economy.

Unless you’re unfortunate enough to be one of the serial complainers living in The Toaster, or you’ve made enough shit hot life decisions to be bunkering down in the penthouse of the Shangri-La, you’re next best option is the Southern CBD or The Rocks.

The fireworks are only getting better each year, so ditch any resignation to watching them on the tellie and get so close they’ll singe your eyebrows. Every bar on the George St. strip will have an event running, from Wynyard station all the way South to the edge of The Rocks and opening to the Quay, Taylor’s Rooftop being a sexy option if you want to breath the sweet new oxygen of 2017 while you sink the sorrows of 2016.

The only pub in the area big enough to hold a self-contained ecosystem of New Years Eve debauchery, The Orient will open all three of it’s levels on the 31st. Hosting a selection of guest DJs as well as a top-notch cover band, there will be enough variation within the building to satisfy the needs of even the pickiest customer.

Not to mention that like the Paragon Hotel around the corner, it’s one of the few hotels in the area that’s licensed to spill out onto the street, so you can get hoof in some fresh air without stressing about getting back inside when your head starts to spin.

Turning the city into a bustling washing machine full of booze, music and revelry is the goal we’re striving for. The city has always put on a stellar New Years Eve, and it will keep doing just that as long as we’re working together as the big, collective punter hive mind we can be.