Where’s Dennis Denuto when you need him? The house from the Castle has put up it’s last fight against demolition plans

Today, the serenity was lost.

The iconic shack in Strathmore, known for being a neighbour to the fictional Coolaroo airport, made headlines today when it was revealed the owners were planning to knock it down to build two new townhouses. With no pool room?


The house made famous by the cult classic Australian film The Castle has once again faced the threat of demolition, but this time Dennis Denuto was not there to fight for the constitution and its justice.

Moonee Valley councillors argued the social and historical value of the property called for it to be heritage listed. You could even say they were disenchanted with the legal system.

Sound familiar?

But these oppositional experts may need a bit of a reminder. The house in question is not the Kerrigan house. It never really was.

The Castle, though a masterpiece, is a piece of fiction. It accentuates the barely liveable aspects of the home, so why force the actual inhabitants to stay in it without an opportunity for improvement?

I’m sick and tired of it — everyone who’s been in my place has [done] nothing but wrecked it, and I’m sick of spending money on fixing it up,” Owner, Vicki Cosentino told Domain.

It seems we will all have a special place in our hearts for Cosentino’s humble abode.

Even though it’s time to say goodbye to 3 Highview Crescent, Coolaroo, we will always have the movie to look back on when we’re feeling a little sentimental.