A Sydney demolition company just goofed up big and flattened the wrong house

Imagine this: you’re going about your normal working day, you’ve got your coffee, you’re killing it in the email department, really flying high. On the walk back to your place your favourite song comes on, and you think it will finish right as you hit the front porch.

But then you arrive at a hole in the ground where your home used to be.


Daniel’s Demolitions put their foot in it yesterday by undergoing the complete demolition of the wrong house in Bankstown.

It may look bad, and poor Steve Ballas is out of a home for a while, but it turns out this was an honest mistake by Daniel’s Demolitions.

After an investigation conducted by Worker’s Compensation and the City of Cantebury, it turns out that while Ballas’ propety was labelled as number 200, he actually owned number 198.

Neither the demo company nor the homeowners of the actual number 200 are at fault – the real culprit turned out to be a very naughty set of numbers. The council had approved the destruction of lot 200, and that’s how lot 198 was labelled.

When the owner of Daniel’s Demolitions (presumably Daniel) was questioned by A Current Affair, he said he was “sick” and “gutted” by the boo-boo.

“Not a good day.”

Via 9 News.