Vanilla Ice, one man’s trash cubbyhouse and your step by step guide to a mortgage-less life

Julian Morgans is not unlike us in many ways.

He too felt the pang of injustice when he began his hopeful search for a new home in Melbourne. But instead of letting the Australian real estate prices get him down, he saw the exorbitant rates as a challenge.


This is the terrific story of Alex Morgan and his home in the range. Brace yourselves, Vanilla Ice makes a cameo.

As it stands, Melbourne’s median house price is around $740,000.

For that, you get a little something you hate in some distant, mean-spirited suburb where it’s always windy and your friends never visit” says Morgan.

In a state of despair and desperation, Morgans got to thinking. “What if I found some land, found some wood, and just built a house? FOR FREE.” Boom.

With the help of his friend Jim, the two collected recycled timber from a dump near an industrial estate, and built the foundations of their future home with their bare hands, no council approval and no architectural experience. Pretty badass, right? It gets better.


Once Morgans became that guy who lived in a ‘glorified cubby’, an influx of “are you okay, man?” messages of concern started to come through.

He knew then that he would need some sort of celebrity endorsement to legitimise his bizarre situation. Cue Vanilla Ice.

Through the magic of Twitter, Morgans got to Skype with the host of the mansion pimping show The Vanilla Ice Project. Mr. Ice shared some nuggets of wisdom.

It’s not about the house” Vanilla said. “It’s about the people you’re with.”


In his self professed chicken coop of a home, Julian Morgans felt he had everything.

Every murmur of sadness had evaporated. I was a legend. I was the Australian Dream

In his last attempt to fuck with status, he posted the ‘Micro-Lux Outdoor Rejuvenation Hut’ on Airbnb. That’s right, this guy is actually making money from his own garbage.

And that is Julian Morgans’ story.

As the old proverb says, One man’s trash is another man’s high end chicken coop.

Sourced from Vice.