Liam Gallagher takes aim at Noel in Twitter rant and calls him a potato

It’s nothing new, but it’s just as entertaining as ever. Once again, the Gallagher brothers are at each other’s throats…this time with Liam taking aim at Noel.


So I guess this means an Oasis reunion in the near future is off the table.

It has been no secret that the brothers have had their differences in the past, which actually led to the dissolution of Oasis, but in more recent times they have seemed to be acting pretty decent towards each other. Liam has taken to Twitter to take a few swings at Noel, referring to him as a “Fookin Prick” and a “Potato”…whatever that means. He has also shut down any rumours that were circulating about the revival of Oasis, saying “FUCK OASIS”.

Aside from Noel taking all the hits, Liam has also called out David Holmes of Gigwise for calling Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ “fun”. You can check out all the Tweets below.