Power cut at Adele show sparks a heart warming singalong

It’s official guys, music is even more powerful than electricity, watch Adele and her fans prove it

Adele is one of those rare cases in music that may only be seen once every decade or so. She manages to be famous based purely on talent and personality without need to exploit herself and she’s loved by literally everyone. Seriously, if you haven’t heard of Adele, what’s wrong with you?


Is there anything she can’t do? Adele takes a power cut at her Birmingham show like a champ and her fans strike up one of the best sing alongs you’ll hear

Adele Power OutageDuring her concert in Birmingham, England on Saturday, #Adele’s equipment suffered a total power outage. Fortunately, her fans were there to save the day.

Posted by Consequence of Sound on Tuesday, 5 April 2016


So it’s no surprise, then, that when the power at her recent Birmingham concert completely cut out, her fans were right there to sing every note with her making for a glorious moment. As the British songstress belts her unmistakable balladry in a climactic chorus of All I Ask from her colossal record 25, ol’ man voltage decides to duck out for a smoke and leave her high and dry.

However, in a heart-warming turn of events, the song blooms into an all-out sing along while the diva herself remains cool as a rattlesnake rocking shades. Watch as Adele and her fans roast your heart like a marshmallow and remind us all why she’s the best in the biz.

First seen on Consequence Of Sound.