Fleet Foxes have confirmed their “unofficial” reunion, here

Our hearts have grown weary awaiting news from the Fleet Foxes camp after their five-year silence following the glorious Helplessness Blues. But, alas, we can now rejoice in the knowledge that, according to frontman Robin Pecknold and guitarist Christian Wargo, the reunion is “definitely” happening.


Your distant, loving memories of 2011 probably involve Fleet Foxes and their ethereal folk. Could their reunion be our chance to relive the glory days?

Speaking to DISTINCT, a creativity based publication, Wargo described his proposal to reunite the Foxes and how it was sparked by a Joanna Newsom tour for which Pecknold was the supporting act. Having spent some time indulging in other, less important hobbies and personal pursuits ranging from college degrees to woodwork, perhaps now’s the perfect time.

The band rose to the fore of folk music with their self titled debut in 2008 and solidified themselves as bonafide folk-messiahs with their follow up Helplessness Blues. Their ethereal harmonies and luscious arrangements made the records unforgettable and Fleet Foxes quickly began to inspire young emotion-feelers far and wide sparking a global folk revival.

If that wasn’t enough, Fleet Foxes are also partially responsible for the birth of everyone’s favourite insane troubadour, Father John Misty aka Josh Tillman who played drums for the band during the Helplessness Blues era.

Not many other details were pertained on the reunion, we assume they’re talking tours and shows but the real goldmine here would be another towering mountain of an album from the group. More shining gold vocals, more evergreen and intertwining of acoustic doors, more shimmering arrangements and we could be in for something really special.

No word yet on the official lineup or whether it will include Tillman but it’s safe to say excitement is brewing in the music community to witness the rebirth of the folk masters. This could be the most exciting band reunion of 2016… well, there was that one other one…

Watch this space for more Fleet Foxes news.