Ever broken up over Skype? Lights of Berlin feel your pain in their video for Michelle.

Perth outfit Lights of Berlin know that break ups are hard; sometimes you just need your boys behind you in that necessary musical Skype chat that ensues. God, I know how Michelle feels, totally conned into the best / worst breakup ever… it’s basically how every man I’ve been with has dumped me.


The catchy pop and hard punk of Lights of Berlin creates a beautiful couple which is more than we can say for them and their annoying ex, Michelle

Tapping into the familiar context of the dirty boys bedroom and a Facebook profile pretty deep into the internet vortex, Michelle (presumably an ex girlfriend) is tricked into a Skype call to front man Devon Bayer. Naturally the rest of the band is telepathically called for backup and the band proceeds to ear bash Michelle for being such a desperate pest.

Michelle is the first single off the band’s upcoming EP, Magic Lines and is a sure fire way to rally a hoard of supporters behind such a captivating sound. With candy sweet vocals inside a hard punk shell laying within a coating of chocolatey hooks, Michelle has everything you could ask for.

These guys definitely know how to tell Michelle to fuck right off and from the way Bayer and his lads play out this dramatic head bashing melody she frankly sounds like a bit of a psychopath and the crew is well shot of her Yoko ways. Then again we don’t know her and she might have just accidentally butt dialled them and received the shock of her life.

The angst and punk vibes of the song are so perfectly placed against the adolescent bedroom setting and, although the consistency of the scene could lend to monotones, the energy of the band fills the whole screen. Leaving no corner un-sucker punched with fury at Michelle’s shitty antics, Lights of Berlin show us exactly how to punish a chick via social media utilising ninja skills, guitar shred and epic hard rock.

The video, filmed exclusively on a macbook camera, is a lighthearted introduction to the band although, the song and its emotional conveyance can’t be underestimated, the boys bring some real feels along with their tongue in cheek video.

Kingswood and Royal Blood are obvious influences to the band’s sound and that sound is becoming more and more sophisticated, Michelle pushing the clarity and tight reverb to a new level. Such a bummer for Michelle, the boys seem super cool and its a shame she will never again be welcome to sink a tinny with the crew because this ballsy new clip shows it’s pretty obvious they think she sucks.