Satellites are THE buzz band in Brisbane’s pop punk scene

We’re all living in a fortunate age where it’s pretty easy to make your own music and distribute it online without the backing of a major label.  The flipside of this lovely D.I.Y music card that generation noughties has been dealt is that the music scene is a little flooded, making it harder to get all the musical goodies into our greedy ears.

So, when you’re doing the daily social media catch-up and see what seems to be your entire Facebook feed talking about one band, you know you’ve gotta’ jump on board right away. For me, Brisbane punk outfit Satellites are that band right now.

Satellites intro

With pop-punk sensibilities and party-hardcore undertones, Satellites are the buzz band of Brisbane’s punk scene right now.

Having parted ways with their original vocalist, Satellites recruited fellow Brisbane muso Jordan Olive from Malibu Stacy to continue playing shows around our beautiful nation.  After finding themselves in the difficult and repetitive position of auditioning a bunch of talented vocalists who just didn’t cut the final spread of mustard, guitarist, founder and main songwriter Mitch Chamberlain swapped his guitar for a suit of shining armour and took one big stride into the bands’ practice room to save the day.

Mitch took the microphone into his sweaty palm, sang the vocals for their latest single Glass Jaw and his fellow band mates Dan Goodwin (bass), Scott Eckel (drums) and Shawn Weinert (guitar & vocals) fell awkwardly in love with their bearded brother. The band made the announcement of Mitch as the new front man, released their single on YouTube through Dreambound, and a wave of public love ensued.

Since stepping out into the world as a fresh-faced band only a couple of weeks ago, Satellites were snapped up to support Real Friends in Brisbane and pop punk heavyweights State Champs in Sydney. Taking to the stage at the Bald Faced Stag on Friday night to an enthusiastic all-ages crowd in Sydney, Satellites showcased not only their new sound, but a dynamic that really has taken them to a completely new and inspiring level.

It’s pretty fair to say the second half of 2015 is set to be a huge one for these dudes, who are heading into the studio in August to record their second EP with former Amity Affliction guitarist, and founder of Eleventh Records, Troy Brady.  The boys state that they are keen for their sound to continue in a similar line of their debut EP In Vein, with different melodies and a grittier, more badass vocal sound being the main change.

With a plan to release their shiny new songs in the later part of 2015, keep your eyes peeled on the band’s Facebook page for a show near you, because in no uncertain terms, if you’re a fan of pop-punk with party-hardcore undertones, then you need to see these guys live.  Make sure you download their single Glass Jaw for free so you can sing along.