Here are some of the wildest photos taken during the Texas cold snap

Texans are trading in their cowboy boots for snow boots as the state experiences some of its coldest weather since 1989.

Residents of Texas have taken to social media to show the rest of the world how they are struggling to cope with the extreme cold. Temperatures have fallen to below -10°C (yikes!) and power grids have failed, unable to meet the demand for electricity.

As of Tuesday, two million households found themselves without power and many have documented the craziness of the freeze on Reddit and Twitter. Here are some of the coolest (pun intended) photos we’ve seen.

Sea Turtles in Texas
Image credit: Texas Game Wardens

Above, we can see the Texas Game Wardens rescue mission which saved 141 sea turtles from the Brownsville Ship Channel and surrounding bays. No sign of Marlin or Dory.

Hot wheels? Not so much.

Guess I’ll wait till next week from r/texas


Check out this DIY chandelier.

Everything is freezing over.

Even people’s toilet water.

‘Maybe Tomorrow?’ Said the dog.

My parents let the dog go outside after the storm. These are the resulting footprints from r/texas

Although neutered, these kitties had more balls than the dog.

At least one guy is enjoying the Texas blackouts. from r/aww

Bet the geniuses have never seen this one before.

Some Texans are making the most of a bad situation.

My Mother in Texas made some incredible octopus Art out of the snow to bring some light into the dark times from r/nextfuckinglevel

And appreciating the teeny tiny things in life.

Looking at this pictures, we might not be so quick to complain next time Sydney temperatures fall below 25 degrees.