These insane Japanese snow sculptures are driving Twitter into a frenzy

Mokomoko_2015 is an exceptional Japanese sculptor and Twitter user. They’ve stolen our hearts with this year’s upload of gorgeous snow creatures.

Every winter Twitter user Mokomoko uploads a menagerie of stunning snow sculptures, the majority of which come from anime, games, and movies. Expect to find Mew, members of the Twelve Kizuki, and (of course) Minions.

Each sculpture is completed in stunning detail and occasionally illuminated with mind-bending lighting set ups.

Snow Sculpture Body Image

All the images are captioned in Japanese and after a couple of runs with Google translate, they’ve proven to be every bit as wholesome as the images themselves. This page is a gift that keeps on giving.

For those concerned about the longevity of the sculptures, fear not, the only thing melting for the moment will be our hearts. Japanese winter rolls through until the end of March, giving another couple of months for this master to work their snow magic before it all washes away.

That definitely seems to be part of the appeal to these carvings; knowing that their beauty is impermanent makes me appreciate the effort behind them just a little bit more.

It takes a special dedication to commit to a delicate art form in this way, a dedication we couldn’t appreciate more! Check Mokomoko out, chuck ’em a follow and treat yourself to a visual spa.