Needle In The Hay Spotlight: Ol.ver


ol.ver needle in the hay spotlight

Put on your best pair of cans and get listening to Ol.ver, an Australian producer making music that’ll transport you to another world entirely.

Some artists manage to take you far away from the chair you’re sitting in, the bed you’re lying in, or the hammock you’re stretching out in. That ephemeral quality of escapism has proved impossible for some to capture, but for others, it seems to come all too easily.

Ol.ver is an Australian producer who manages to take you to a new place entirely with each song he releases. His 2018 debut album Catharsis is wall-to-wall with meticulous electronic compositions that sound natural, off-world, and as if picked from your wildest fever dreams all at once.

Other than the fact that his real name is Oliver Gohl and he’s inspired by the likes of James Blake, Kaytranada, and Bon Iver, it’s tough to find information about Ol.ver online. His social channels are sparse and it’s tough to even find a picture of him. You get the feeling he’d rather you just listen to the music.

The latest single from camp Ol.ver is titled Missing You, also the song he entered into Needle In The Hay. It features Bermudan-born vocalist Bassette, someone who seems to share his precise drive to make music that bleeds euphoria. The pair make a potent combo as Basette flies high over Ol.ver’s instrumental.

It’s more laid-back than his work on Catharsis, the beats more lethargic, pulling more of a hip hop feel than the usual sky-high electronica. There’s no doubt that magic touch is still there though – those jazzy electronic piano lines in the chorus will get your hands in the air in no time.

Missing You was the second single Ol.ver released in 2020, following Half of Me. While there’s no word on whether we can expect another major project in the near future, you can bet we’ll be listening when it hits the airwaves.

Keep up with Ol.ver on Instagram and Spotify.


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