J.B.T is a magnetic force with his LOUDPACK 3.0.

After a seven year grind, J.B.T is ready to establish himself as one of Australia’s brightest rising stars.

Beginning his musical journey at the ripe age of fifteen, J.B.T is no stranger to the craft. With his latest double single release entitled LOUDPACK 3.0, he reminds us of why he is undoubtedly one to watch.

Whether he was posting his music to YouTube or releasing a slew of catchy hip hop infused hits, J.B.T has been pushing himself and his music at a non-stop rate. Grabbing the attention of editorial playlists and worldwide listeners, the artist seems ready for the next step.

jbt double single

LOUDPACK 3.0 is brimming with confidence and uncontainable energy. Drawing on the aggressive poetry of Kendrick Lamar and the simmering energy of Rae Sremmurd, J.B.T holds his own against the strongest of contemporary comparisons.

With a commanding presence, J.B.T captivates and insists that we listen. HOLEZ featuring K.I.A acts as our a-side, full of movement and power. The focus is always on the vocal, on the lyrical capabilities and sharp flow of J.B.T’s musings. The pair balance each other, each bringing the same intense energy cloaked in their own brand of arrogance. It works, their commitment to each line is palpable, and their belief in themselves even more so.

LAWDER is a solo J.B.T track, showcasing his rhythmic mastery and confidence beyond his years. There’s a wisdom to LAWDER, a sense of a truly experienced artist honing in on his greatest attributes. Full of fire and resistance, this b-side track is as relentless as J.B.T’s drive itself.

Through countless releases, J.B.T has developed his craft and his persona, bringing a little more of himself into each new track. In such a competitive industry, this artist has been able to shine through the cracks. His confidence is a beacon, and his rhymes are inescapably magnetic.

Listen to LOUDPACK 3.0 below.