Jack Carty produces some of the sweetest folk music around

Jack Carty – Esk

Born and raised in the hell fires of Belingen, Australia, Jack Carty has got it goin’ on. Well okay, maybe his entrance into this life isn’t that dramatic (I hear the rustic town of Belingen is absolutely lovely and completely remote at this time of year), but everything beyond that point is nothing but fireworks. He deserved that entrance. Let him have it.

jack carty

Jack Carty’s latest album Esk promises a country, blue- grass vibe, showcasing his smooth folk voice and masterful finger picking technique.

Discovered by the country slinging Gigpiglet Recordings and distributed via Intertia Music Pty Ltd. this indie/ folk singer has since been recognised for his pure brilliance through humble little papers like The Sydney Morning Herald, Timber and Steel, Faster Louder, Triple M, and Beats, to name a few. All up his repertoire includes two EP’s and two full length studio albums.

Acoustic, slow and soulful, Jack Carty’s first debut 2010 EP Wine and Consequence still perplexes scholars and scientists alike to date. How could someone create such beauty? How did such deliberateness swirl about my head in a fluster of sensations. Some things mere humans were just never meant to know. Moving on.

Jack Carty’s next big step, 2011 full length album One thousand Origami Birds, is very similar in sound to well known band Mumford and Sons. Sweet and sincere this album like the title might suggest is full of very beautiful imagery, and the complexity of the music that accompanies it just puts it in another level all together.

Break Your Own Heart (2012) also contains those complex and fast guitar strings we all intrinsically associate with Jack Carty by now, only quadrupled. Give or take, I was quite pleased. More like very pleased and happy to see that some songs contained that mournful considerateness present in his earlier albums. Ultimately there is something for everyone in Carty’s music, old fans and new.

The Casual Psychotic collaboration in 2012 The Predictable Crisis in Modern Life produced an intriguingly tortured Jack Carty, combined with the wailing electric guitar sound unique to Sydney- sider Casual Psychotic, still managing to sound light and airy while thoroughly dabbling in the thick and hopeless black oozes essential of heartbreak.

Released in September of this year his new album Esk, while emitting a very strong country, blue- grass vibe and experimenting with the occasional sneaky xylophone, is still undeniably Jack Carty. His smooth voice, fast fingered string plucking, and meaningful crescendos are in full swing in Esk, now fully realised, perfected and hand crafted by the gods, Jack Carty is sweetly (but swiftly) slaying it.

There is also a pure joy that radiates out of his music in this album, which will always feel amazing to listen to and feel apart of no matter what your music taste might be. Get ready to colour yourself impressed. Seriously, go get ready. All in all Jack Carty is a prominent figure on the music scene (with good reason), touring internationally, receiving a MusicOz award, and featuring in a number of soundtracks for various artists including Matt Corby, Katie Noonan, and Josh Pyke.

Currently Carty is in the middle of his his Esk Album Tour across Australia and New Zealand with fellow folk legends Playwrite.

Tour dates below!

Thursday 6th November – Clancys Fish Pub, Fremantle

Friday 7th November – Prince of Wales, Bunbury

Sunday 9th November – Rosemount Hotel, North Perth
Thursday 13th November – Lizottes Sydney, Dee Why
Friday 14th November – The Commons, Hamilton
Sunday 16th November – Flow Cafe, Old Bar
Thursday 20th November – The Pier, Port Macquarie
Friday 21st November – No 5 Church Street, Bellingen
Thursday 27th November – Brass Monkey, Cronulla
Friday 28th November – Captains At Mariners, Batemans Bay
Saturday 29th November – The Front Cafe & Gallery, Lyneham
Sunday 30th November – Birdhouse Bar, Wagga Wagga
Thursday 4th December – Howler, Brunswick
Friday 5th December – Kay St, Traralgon
Friday 5th December – Saloon Bar, Traralgon
Saturday 6th December – Montrose Town Centre, Montrose
Sunday 7th December – Bended Elbow, Geelong
Thursday 11th December – The Grace Emily Hotel, Adelaide
Friday 12th December – Mars Hill Cafe, Parramatta
Saturday 13th December – 505, Surry Hills
Sunday 14th December – Heritage Hotel, Bulli
Friday 30th January – Melbourne Zoo, Parkville



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