PREMIERE: Jack Panther’s debut EP Retrospect weaves a story of growth through lush, electro-pop

Jack Panther’s debut EP Retrospect feels like a skilfully woven tapestry, threading commanding drums through lush production. It’s silky; softened by deft lyricism, and embellished with soaring harmonies.

It sees angular synth colour in cool, contemporary tones, and flaunts a craft that could’ve taken decades to master. At only 21 years old, Jack Panther’s musical ingenuity signals not only his talent as a beat-maker and vocalist, but a very bright future.

Retrospect is the triumphant outcome of five year’s work. At 21, Jack Panther has perfected his craft in realtime – weaving a story of personal growth through lush, electric pop.

Innovative and versatile, Jack Panther’s unique brand of electric pop showcases his fervour as a storyteller; circling around the highs and lows of adolescent heartbreak in an almost upbeat fashion.

Written, mixed, and produced over the course of five years, Retrospect is a story of growth told in realtime by someone still growing. Jack worked with four other vocalists on all tracks par the opening song Closer, which he sang himself. Grammy award winning Mastering Engineer Stuart Hawkes also worked on the EP.

As a special treat to fans, Retrospect will be available to purchase on cassette tape. If you’d like to get your hands on one, you can find them here.

For now, you can listen to Retrospect above.