Take a stroll with Midnight Romance, the latest offering from Jackson James Smith

With unrelenting earnestness and beyond beautiful melodies, Jackson James Smith plays his ace with Midnight Romance. The latest offering from the multi-talented artist rolls with a cool and soulful croon. Through touches of soul, blues and folk, the track will leave your heart absolutely aching for upcoming EP Spence.

Midnight Romance comes to life after a four-year effort, recorded with Jared Adlam (Tori Forsythe, Aleyce Simmonds, Athena Joy) and mastered by Paul Blakey (Amy Shark, Busby Marou). The tune is dense in design with an exceptional level of craftsmanship.

Jackson James Smith

Warm, folky and drenched in soul, Midnight Romance by Jackson James Smith carves out a unique and dreamy take on love.

The track explores the idea of love and all the notches in between, yet it is aimed at no one in particular. Jackson instead fosters a kindred kind of connection between artist and audience. The concept of love in folk is tried and true, but Jackson sells it with eons of honesty, making every listen of Midnight Romance feel like the first time.

Known for intimate performances, Jackson James Smith continues to speak to the heart of audiences by capturing familiar feelings in his sincere style. His melodic nuances and  vocal hooks are underscored with bluesy guitar, striking a balance between thoughtfulness and eccentricity.

Jackson’s music draws similar cues to that of Matt Corby and John Mayer. Sentimental and soft, the artist successfully leaves his mark with a bright and brilliant approach. A sense of personal growth experienced by the songwriter infuses the tune, from its bouncy hook to flowing lyrics: “And I’m not asking for your hand, just a midnight romance.”

Marking the second single from his soon to be released EP, Midnight Romance provides a glorious glimpse into Jackson James Smith’s future outputs.


Midnight Romance is available now across major streaming services.