Japanese Wallpaper @ The Grace Darling

I’m going to profess my xenophobia here – I’ve never visited Melbourne. From what I can garner, most of the live music venues down there seem to be both great places to get a few beers or maybe a burger after work as well as cool places to hang out and see your mates perform.

Compare and contrast with venues in Sydney which are either great places to get a beer or great places to see live music – a few venues try to do both but very rarely is it successful.

japanese wallpaper

Japanese Wallpaper brings his ambient, swaying electronica to The Grace Darling Hotel alongside newcomer Lanks and post-rock veterans Rat & Co

The Grace Darling seems to be one such pub – equally at home serving up fat burgers and fat beats. Happy fave Japanese Wallpaper is launching his new single Waves on Sunday night, alongside Rat & Co and Lanks. Ambient and ethereal, Japanese Wallpaper’s newest single are the work of broad sequenced brushstrokes, arranged expertly around the beautiful vocals of Pepa Knight.

You might recognise Pepa Knight as one half of the founding members of Jinja Safari – but I won’t take any points off if you didn’t recognise him. I certainly didn’t.

In support are the ever intriguing Rat & Co, whose brand of sparsity have given the crew quite the name for themselves down south where they like their bands dolewavey, their dance music bouncy and their electronic music slow and ambient.

Likewise, Lanks combines the slow, the emotional and the subtle with the cold hard production of the modern laptop musician to create a new type of folk music – a collaborative that everyone has a tacit understanding of – because everyone is a DJ these days.

Doors to the Grace Darling Hotel will be swinging open at 6:30 this Sunday the 18th of May, with the show being labelled all ages – mostly because the headliner is still in high school. Tickets are $10, which you can pick up from Moshtix or on the door this weekend.