Los Tones @ The Standard Bowl

Have you been down to the Standard Bowl yet? When we first heard that iconic (ish) Sydney venue The Standard was renovating, we were skeptical as to whether their plan to turn the genuinely grungy black walled Annandale Hotel style venue into a bowling alley/live venue would reach a golden mean juggling the two attractions. After a hugely successful opening night and a lineup in the past months that have supported some of Sydney’s best – Little Bastard, Jenny Broke The Window, Straight Arrows, and many more, our skepticism has been totally replaced with an unconditional acceptance that this evolution was indeed a great move for the venue.


This weekend, you’ll be able to catch another fantastic Sydney band Los Tones, whose music seems to scream bowl-a-rama. Their most recent release was a collaboration with UK one man band  Hank Haint to form Hank Haint & The Sonic Heartbreakers. F.D.H. is a classic rock and roll anthem, channelling tweed amplifiers and telecaster twangs while a jaw-clenching vocal compression delivers ahh ahh ahhhh‘s that are as invigorating as they are mesmerising. Give it a spin below and you’ll be doing some sort of ridiculously anachronous version of the twist faster than you can say “Fuck it dude, let’s go bowling”.

[bandcamp width=700 height=120 track=3955479851 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]

In support slot are a band that are variously billed as The Midnight Coyboys (via Los Tones Facebook event) or The Moonlight Cowboys (The Standard poster) – the former of whom we cannot find any information on, which leaves us to speculate that they probably sound like a western/rock-and-roll band, but a little on the shy side. As in Coy. Right? However, if they are in fact the Moonlight Cowboys then you’ll be in for a night of slow, head bopping cactus juice rock – more Ford Mustang than wild great-plains Mustang.

As always, entry is free, bowling is free and the beers are around the 6 dollar mark. The Standard Bowl is located above Lo-Fi, which is above a sushi restaurant in Taylor Square, just a ways up Oxford St. Doors at 6pm, bands at 8pm*.



*Times subject to change depending on how long it takes to get a round of bowling done. Also the times stated above are based on pure speculation.