2013 was a hard year for Atlas B Salvesen

Atlas B Salvesen – Smoke Signals

It takes an honest musician to command a person’s attention with their beguiling voice, and it takes someone special to haunt you with their gift of story telling.

No theatrics, no trickery, just a man with his heart and soul painted throughout his music. The talented Atlas B Salvesen has always been around, just politely waiting to be unearthed by those seeking restoration and tranquility.

atlas b salvesen

We recently rediscovered a classic from last year – Atlas B Salvesen‘s emotional debut EP Smoke Signals.

American singer/songwriter Alastair Cairns AKA Atlas B Salvesen, who to our great pleasure is now calling Sydney home, did not grow up in a musical environment. It was his philosophical and poetic disposition that allowed him to craft his beautiful and cathartic debut EP, Smoke Signals. The nostalgia made possible by the experimental embedding of digital stories using vintage recording equipment succeeds in enhancing a very poignant experience.

Atlas B Salvesen’s raspy and expressive vocals in Faith Will Leave You, celebrates his gravitas as a musician. Smooth cascading guitar rhythms, tied in with the elegant touch of piano and soft rock instrumentals, arouses warmth in the musical atmosphere.

It was a 48-hour bender which inspired a very somber and reflective Fruit Juice. Don’t be mislead by the eloquently paradoxical name, because it touches on some very powerful emotions. It’s Atlas B Salvesen’s more soft and gentle vocals that help caress away the pain. Be swayed by the rocking melodies, with glimpses of delicate chimes bringing out hope in an otherwise dark state of mind.

The sound of a cinematic tape recorder churning in the background, is reminiscent of a lonesome and sentimental film unraveling before our very ears.

Stage Lights at Angel Place is another melancholic illustration of Atlas B Salvesen’s fluttery sound and compelling lyrics. The fragmented echo of a voice message machine, accentuates the song’s veracity, as it plays a key role in setting up the context of the story. Atlas B Salvesen’s sincere vocals reinvigorate his strength to push through all life ‘s obstacles thrown at him.

The existential power ballad, Smoke Signals Retire, is nothing but a hauntingly intense and grand conclusion to the ongoing battle, but it sadly results in what sounds like a devastating defeat. However it goes without saying the biggest victor here is Atlas B Salvesen’s musical craftsmanship, giving a timelessness and eternity to his songs. Seeking continual inspiration from the likes of Bright Eyes, Wilco, and Okkervil River, Atlas B Salvesen proves himself deserving of a place up in their ranks.

Currently working with a new band for both live and recording purposes, we might be able to expect some new stuff from Atlas quite soon. You can catch him supporting fellow Monday Records musician Spookyland for his single launch at FBi Social on Friday 13th of June 8pm.



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