Jay Arner

If you want to travel to the deep south of America and live in Nashville without ever leaving your seat, then Jay Arner is your man. I don’t mean that Jay Arner is by any means from the Deep South, or The States. No, in fact he hails from the wintery lands of Canada. With this being said, his music reflects the slow burning indie coming out of Nashville right now.

jay arner canda

He released his self-titled EP last year and it’s an incredibly sophisticated, well-produced album. You would never have guessed that the guy was new to the recording business at all. Some of the early tracks on the EP like Midnight on South Granville and Bird of Prey transport my musical thoughts to a slightly cleaner sounding Nick Cave. Arner will then switch to a slightly more electronica feel on tracks like Nightclubs and Surf Don’t Sink – reminiscent of Architecture in Helsinki’s more recent work.

Music buffs may know him from Vancouver’s much loved Fine Mist, or maybe you’ve heard him work his production magic on tracks from Apollo Ghosts, Bleating Hearts, Myths. Either way, Jay Arner is already developing a dedicated following, so country-indie fans better pay attention because there’s a new kid on the block. He’s got a massive American tour going on at the moment and his next major stop is right now at SXSW Festival. Let’s all bug him to bring it to Aussie land!



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