Jerry Impini breathes new life with his uplifting electric single

Classically trained artist from Fort Worth Texas, Jerry Impini, explodes with golden energy in his hit single New Life Through Harmony. 

The Texan artist, Jerry Impini, known for his onstage presence and infectious energy, releases a timeless tune for the ages; New Life along with New Life Through  Harmony, accompanied with vocal harmonies.

The track is bursting with nostalgic energy, from catchy synths to Impini’s colour-filled vocals, there is no doubt that the song will be stuck in your head long after it ends.

Jerry Impini

From the age of eight, Impini was drawn to performing. Without restriction or fear of falling under a genre, the artist roamed freely between sounds, using his skills as a classical pianist and music composer to unlock his untamed talent.

The single kicks off with an electrically buzzing guitar riff similar to the tune echoed in, New Sensation, by our very own INXS. Impini’s incredibly vibrant vocals sing; “I’ve been running, running away from a past that just keeps haunting me/creeping up behind me again”. 

It comes as no surprise that the Brooklyn-based artist has gained the attention producer Stuart Epps, known for his work with Elton John, Led Zeppelin and George Harrison. The record hit producer has teamed up with Impini and are working on some exciting new projects to be announced later this year.

The track is visually accompanied with a Car Commercial, melting with gorgeously rural wide shots of a couple enjoying the warm golden heat. Nothing breathes New Life more than dancing to Impini’s catchy tune, and his fans seem to agree, with the tune receiving over 440,000 streams on Spotify.

The tune is a sonic piece of serotonin, the body involuntary moves to the rhythm as Impini celebrates a; “New Life that’s filled with your love and affection”. We can only hope that Jerry Impini continues his stream of uplifting 80’s style tunes in all of his future work.

Check out New Life Through Harmony below, or the live mix version on Bandcamp: