Jimmy Kimmel asks people if they care about the extinction of homo sapiens, proves we’re all doomed

The UN released a report last week on the Earth’s rapidly decreasing biodiversity, which revealed that roughly one million animal and plant species are threatened with extinction, many within decades, in large part because of climate change.

It was in light of this report that Jimmy Kimmel and his crew took to the streets to ask people if they cared about the extinction of one endangered species in particular, ‘homo sapiens’ aka the modern day human.

Jimmy Kimmel’s crew asked people on the streets of Los Angeles whether or not they cared about the potential extinction of ‘homo sapiens’ (aka humans) and the answers will lessen your faith in humanity.

Kimmel opened the segment saying that the potential extinction of a million different plant and animal species is “a scary thing that we will do nothing about” and that “if pizza was endangered of going extinct we would… band together to protect our national pepperoni reserves”. 

A comical statement that is also entirely true, especially if the people filmed in this segment are anything to go by. To raise awareness on the issue, Kimmel’s crew took to the streets to ask people if they cared about the potential extinction of homo sapiens and the answers are cringe-worthy.

One standout from this little experiment was that the education system has clearly failed many people, as every person shown in the video aren’t aware that homo sapiens are, in fact, humans. One of the women stating that “it’s not that I don’t like homo sapiens, it’s just that we’ve always lived without them so we don’t know anything at all.” 

When asked if she’d ever seen a homo sapien, another woman stated that she “saw one once, at the zoo” and described it as “furry, big, gorilla-looking”. Another person stated that it wouldn’t be worth saving them with taxpayer dollars, and another that simply just didn’t care.

Watch the full video below: