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Jimmy Kimmel’s next musical guest is Slipknot, so that’s cool

On my list of things that don’t really go together, Slipknot and Jimmy Kimmel rank pretty bloody high. The late night TV host does not really blend with the style or intensity of Slipknot. And honestly, the thought of the heavy metal band on Hollywood Boulevard in front of a live TV audience is pretty bloody strange.

And yet, here we are. In the year of 2019, Slipknot are making their first live performance in three years on Jimmy Kimmel live.


Slipknot are making their return to the stage this month on Jimmy Kimmel Live, marking their first live performance since 2013.

Since their last live performance at Japan’s Knotfest in 2016, fans have been treated to an interesting couple of years. Between new album rumours, a surprise single drop on Halloween last year, and a law suit between the band and percussionist Chris Fhen, Slipknot have been busy boys.

Announcing the performance on Twitter, fans have been in a frenzy of questions and predictions. Will last year’s single All Out Life make its live debut? Is Fhen going to be on stage with the rest of the band, or has he been replaced? Are we gonna get a first look at their new masks? As of yet, no one really knows, and we probably won’t until May 17th when the show goes to air.

This is all coming ahead of Slipknot’s sixth album set for release on August 9th, and their bumper Australian tour with Metallica, which kicks off in October.


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May 9, 2019