John Frusciante has just released a shit load of new free music

After exclaiming in an interview earlier this year that he no longer planned to commercially release music, former Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s guitarist John Frusciante has just released a shit tonne of free tunes.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Frusciante has now clarified comments from his earlier interview, in an extensive letter, explaining “Obviously I have a public audience, I am aware of them, and they know who they are, When I said ‘At this point, I have no audience’, I meant ‘audience’ in the figurative sense of people who I have in mind when I am creating, who I intend to send my music to or play it for.”

On why he has released his new music at no cost, he says “When someone releases music on a label, they are selling it, not giving it. Art is a matter of giving. If I sing my friend a song, it goes from me to her, at no cost. That’s giving. If I sell you an object, we do not say that I gave you that object. Recording artists have been ‘giving’ the public music by selling it to them for so long that we now think of sell-outs as dedicated musicians who love their audience so much that they aggressively sell them products, and sell themselves as an image and personality to this audience on a regular basis just as aggresively.” You can read the letter in full here.

Head here to check out his new album, 4-Track Guitar Music, plus a whole lot more never before released, free tunes.