Jonny Greenwood and the Australian Chamber Orchestra collab on our first classical vinyl in 20 years

Radiohead guitarist and songwriter Jonny Greenwood, in collaboration with the Australian Chamber Orchestra, will release a vinyl pressing of their 2014 performance Water.

After Radiohead’s Sydney tour back in 2013, Greenwood sat down with the ACO in their Sydney studio to create the 15 minute track.

jonny greenwood sydney chamber orchestra water

The Australian Chamber Orchestra and Jonny Greenwood will release the country’s first classical vinyl in over 20 years, a collaboration named Water.

The split LP will be pressed with Mozart’s iconic Eine kleine Nachtmusik (Night Music). Speaking of the pairing, ACO director Richard Tognetti had the following to say:

“We have chosen an outrageous combination of works that you would never consider pairing unless it were on an LP. So consider this a curated, deliberate juxtaposition… The notion of surprise is paramount in offering these wildly contrasting works.”

“But ‘a little night music’ is exactly what Jonny’s piece is. It’s something I would suggest you play once the sun sets, for its hypnotic drone-like structure presents something that really works best as daylight fades away…”

Watch a 2014 interview with Greenwood and Tognetti about the composition below:

Water / Night Music will be available November 10 through ABC Classics.