Introducing Jonte’s Inspirations: A Playlist Dive into Soul & Pop

Queensland’s own Jonte is back with “Push My Buttons,” marking his first release since 2021. 

To give you a taste of the influences that shape his musical landscape, Jonte has curated a collection of tracks that resonate with him on a profound level.

From Amelia Moore’s soul-stirring “I Feel Everything” to Taylor Swift‘s evocative “Cardigan,” each song carries a distinct imprint on his creative journey.

Jonte interview 'Push My Buttons'

Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Lady A, and SZA, among others, join this eclectic mix, offering a glimpse into the diverse sounds that have left an indelible mark on Jonte’s musical identity.

Get ready to explore the beats and lyrics that have inspired this talented artist.

“I Feel Everything” – Amelia Moore 

Amelia Moore is currently my biggest inspiration for music production and song writing! With her raspy and emotional inducing vocals screaming “You don’t feel at all I feel everything” and the heart-pumping dark-pop production, this song makes me feel so enraged and frustrated! The song describes a person who is deeply in love with their partner, but they feel their partner is emotionally distant, unresponsive and detached.

I cannot relate to her situation whatsoever as I have never gone through a serious relationship but if you see me in a car, you’ll usually see me screaming this song out crying in anger for no reason. 

“Cardigan” – Taylor Swift

Cardigan is one of those songs that I simply feel in awe. The simplistic yet intricate production takes my body away to a serene land of peace. I look up to Taylor Swift for everything music related but more for her unique, storytelling lyrics. Her talking about first love and first heartbreak in this song makes me feel like I’m experiencing everything for the first and last time. 

“Can’t Be Tamed” – Miley Cyrus

This song just makes me get up and dance and I feel so confident and energetic every single time I listen. Even though this song has been out since 2010, I know this song is one of my ride-or-die songs cause no matter how many times I’ve listened to it over the years, I’ve felt the same way. The distorted Bass sound, her drum pattern and growling adlips make for a universal sounding song which I definitely draw inspiration upon for my adlips and style of production. 

“One Last Time” – Ariana Grande 

I feel desire whenever I listen to this song. It’s one thing to write good lyrics, another to create great production but to have incredible vocals is something I admire and desire to strive for! Listening to this song motivates me to be creative with my melodies and incorporate the use of my vocal range and techniques such as my vocal runs.

“Need You Now” – Lady A

Need You Now is so nostalgic for me. I remember hearing my family sing this aloud in the car and even now my friends and I blare this while we sing together. The electric guitar and double harmony melody in the chorus is particularly something I’m currently inspired now to try.

“I Forgot That You Existed” – Taylor Swift 

I know, another Taylor Swift song. Can you tell I’m a Swiftie? This song makes me feel Cheeky. Again, I’ve never gone through a relationship or a breakup but this song makes me want to go through a breakup so I can reach the point where I don’t care and I forget they existed. Then when I hear this song after the breakup, I’ll love it twice as more! The production is exceptionally catchy with piano stabs and a vocal chop sample. 

“Low” – SZA 

SZA has been one of my most listened artists of mine this year and no doubt she’ll be in my Spotify Wrapped. I will admit I am a new fan to her music, but I’ve heard her songs throughout the years and her new album SOS is *chef’s kiss*. Low is one of those tracks that makes me feel sexy.

I hear the fast trap beats and the 808s and I start popping and dropping. I’ve never really been into the trap, rap songs however this year I’ve delved into different music genres and have loved several of them. I’ve been experimenting with mixing Hip-hop style trap beats and 808s into pop music for fun and I’m surprisingly impressed. All thanks to this song.

“Fat Funny Friend” – Maddie Zham 

Depressed is all I feel when I listen to this song. But I love it and I keep going back for more. I’ve never been the “fat funny friend” in school, but I’ve had friends who have been and heard how they felt. To hear a song describe people’s experiences so specifically yet broadly blew me away. The first time I heard this song it had popped up randomly and I was so drawn into it I cried. I love being in touch with my emotions and hearing other artists being in touch with theirs that hearing this song made me feel as if I had been the fat funny friend, which I think is beautiful how an artist could achieve this. Her build up throughout this song with production is also a key inspiration I draw from as she starts off with a simple piano and vocal, then leads into full guitars, pianos, beats and harmonies. 

“Do You Ever” – Phil Good

I think about what the future holds for me and my career when I hear this track. With his repetitive yet memorising lyrics “Do you ever? Do you ever wanna run away” I feel worried yet excited when I hear this which I think describes the future itself. The Arpeggiated plucks in the verse that led into the distorted glitchy sounds before the chorus and then the humming main instrumental melody is something I love to replicate in my own way. 

“Roslyn” – Bon Iver, St. Vincent 

Peace is all I can say to this song. I feel whole-heartedly tranquil when I hear this. The drawn-out simplistic vocals and guitar is what makes this whole song in my opinion. I would love to one day make a song like this and be at peace listening to it. 

Be sure to finish listening to this curated playlist with Jonte’s earworm of a pop-banger ‘Push My Buttons’ below and stay up to date via Insta for his forthcoming single ‘Done With You’, dropping Oct 20th.