Only SZA can lap dance a robot and make it look this legit

SZA’s robot lap dance for the forthcoming ‘Snooze’ video is set to short circuit the internet.

Dropping on August 12, SZA’s Instagram teaser grants us a sneak peek into the forthcoming “Snooze” music video.

In an intriguing twist, this teaser isn’t in sync with the expected “Snooze” audio but instead is accompanied by an unreleased track, offering a preview of what’s on the horizon.


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The most striking moment of the teaser unfolds as SZA fearlessly engages in a provocative lap dance with a humanoid robot, seamlessly blending sensuality with a sense of curiosity. Clad in a thong, with her signature style of strength and vulnerability, she is the master of defying convention and kindling curiosity.

The buzz sparked by this teaser has ignited a fair bit of anticipation for the full video’s unveiling. With her quintessential SZA flair, she captions one of her posts, “Bts from snooze video but not snooze audio,” a move that beautifully encapsulates her playful yet enigmatic demeanour.

Recalling the ripples created by her much-awaited album “SOS,” which made its splash at the close of the previous year, SZA has embarked on a musical journey, gracing stages to share her sonic craftsmanship. Another exhilarating chapter in her North American tour looms just ahead, scheduled for the upcoming month.

With anticipation mounting, the realm of music holds its breath, awaiting the revelation of the next captivating chapter in the creative journey of our beloved R&B songstress.

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