Video Premiere: HENKA’s ‘Caught Up’ delivers signature drop of dark wave beauty

Dive into vibrant visuals, underwater screams, flashing blades, and HENKA’s next-level choreography.

Cat Pereira was never one to rest on her laurels after the fracturing of her old band Derange, who reached the level of playing alongside the likes of Patti Smith, The Flaming Lips and The Damned at a festival level towards the end of their seven year career.

Resurging into the UK music scene with her solo venture, HENKA, Pereira introduced the project’s third single in early June 2021. For those captivated by HENKA’s preceding singles ‘Pedestal’ and ‘Fading Out’ and their accompanying visuals, ‘Caught Up‘ retains the trademark blend of somber pop catharsis and meticulously choreographed motion, both in its song and music video.

Freshly unveiled through Dreambound, Pereira’s latest release, “Caught Up,” demonstrates a fusion of her martial arts background and a skillful mastery of the katana (samurai sword) – a combination that infuses the music video with profound emotional resonance.

This unique blend of talents echoes the iconic stylings seen in Tarantino’s legendary Kill Bill series, adding a striking layer of depth to the cinematic experience of the song.

“Caught Up”‘ is cathartic gem of a song with its potent vocals and emotions aimed at healing past wounds. HENKA’s latest single delves into the shattering realisation of betrayal and its reverberations within the human psyche. Yet, amidst the pulsating bass, forceful electronic drums, and frigid synth arrangements, the song transforms into an electronic-goth-pop anthem of resilience.


Pereira’s voice resonates as she laments, “All I ever wanted was too good to be true. I think we lost the plot.” These embittered lines, directed towards an undisclosed recipient, unveil the ferocity and torment of a woman scorned.

The music video mirrors this anguish with torrents of artificial rain, soaking Pereira and her female ensemble as they synchronise their movements – an enthralling display that sways between sisterly support and commanding strength.

Striking visuals linger throughout, as Pereira’s underwater screams juxtaposed with her serene floatation in a flowing black gown. Through stark sets, flashing blades, and a bold palette, the video amplifies the song’s stark message.

Experience ‘Caught Up‘ to witness these creative elements firsthand.

Review By Corin Sheartson