Cinnamon Sun’s ‘Shine’: Trap beats, staccato chords, & sporadic synths

Cinnamon Sun’s ‘Shine’ delivers a sweet dose of trap beats, staccato chords, and sporadic synths.

Davy Simony, AKA Cinnamon Sun traverses a sweet and languorous sonic palette with his lengthy album release Shine – set for release tomorrow (26th September).

The twelve track record is decorated with features from additional artists and Simony’s signature blend of Reggae, Indie and Hip Hop. 

cinnamon sun

Rife with jazzy instrumentals and an impossibly relaxed vocal delivery, Cinnamon Sun encapsulates all of the tenderness that his name evokes.

Shine is an exploration; a meditation in layered simplicity and ease with astute and apt lyricism. Beyond cohesive, Shine is an evolving, sentient being.

Gliding between production styles that highlight whichever genre Simony has chosen to hone in on, Shine morphs and shape shifts without ever losing its true identity.

With texture and coolness that rivals LAUSSE THE CAT, Cinnamon Sun offers a broad and tightly crafted soundscape over which to recite his poetry. 

cinnamon sun

Simony’s presence is irrefutable, particularly on the more jazz infused, lo-fi hip hop moments like Queen Of Spades and Flame.

Trap beats beneath staccato chords and sporadic synths create a base for Cinnamon Sun to dance melodies across, whether they be spoken or sung.

Leaning heavily into the reggae influence, The Chase and High feel like two sides of the same coin. Crunchy distorted lead lines, offbeat acoustic guitars and impossibly tight shuffle beats conjure the feeling of white sand between toes. A lamentation on the beauty of marijuana or musings on the nature of desire – forbidden or otherwise – like in Desires (ft. Jimmy Harwood), Simony’s conviction and ability to bend his instrumentals to his will make for constant captivation.

cinnamon sun

There is something irrepressible about Cinnamon Sun and the invitation he extends with Shine to journey through his world. Stay Up (ft. Jayden Reid) somewhat exists in a plane of its own. Poppy, sensual and pulling graciously from the likes of Bryson Tiller, Simony offers a new shade of his personal brand of relaxation. It’s a standout track, despite how innocuous it may appear. 

The energy of Cinnamon’s home town of Cairns, Queensland seeps through consistently on Shine, leaving a taste of sticky sweet humidity behind. It’s an alluring sensation, to exist within Cinnamon Sun’s orbit, to feel how easy it all could be.

Escapist, comforting and ultimately ephemeral, Simony creates a space so enticing that it’s almost hard to leave. Shine is sure of itself and of its energy; and hopefully just a little bit of that can imprint on all of us. 

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Review by Caitlin Norris.

cinnamon sun