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Jovi Skyler runs us through some of the tracks that helped shape his sound

If you haven’t already checked out Jovi Skyler’s debut single Love Bite, stop what you’re doing and go listen to it now.

We’ve had the track spinning on repeat, so hot off its release, we decided to catch up with Skyler for a run-down on some of the songs that have helped shape his sound.

Iggy Pop, The Ramones, The Breeders, and PJ Harvey: Sydney-based artist Jovi Skyler runs us through some of the tracks that helped influence his sound.

Nirvana — About A Girl

The first song I ever played live, it was after recovering from chickenpox. Anyway, I didn’t practise, was surprised that it went well in rehearsal, but there were problems with the amp when the show was on.

Sonic Youth — Bull in The Heather

I like the video clip, I thought it was peculiar, and it was the first song that introduced me to their sound.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs — Date With The Night

The song is wild and powerful — Karen O’s energy is off the charts.

Iggy Pop — I Wanna Be Your Dog

The Crow starring Brandon Lee is my favourite movie of all time, but yeah, I discovered Iggy Pop and the track from its sequel.

The White Stripes — Hardest Button to Button

It’s amazing how powerful simplicity can be.

The Breeders — Happiness is a Warm Gun

This cover of John Lennon’s song rocks more than the original.

Magic Dirt — Loveless Letter

My favourite Aussie alternative rock band.

PJ Harvey — Big Exit

I first heard the track on a compilation DVD. It was a live version — I was completely blown away.

Placebo — Pure Morning

It’s my favourite Placebo song.

Ramones — Pet Sematary

The song is taken from one of my favourite horror movies, watched Pet Sematary as a teen, then discovered the band.

Love Bite by Jovi Skyler is available now. Listen here.


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July 2, 2019

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