Julian Assange marries long-term partner inside prison

Further proof that everybody’s favourite anti-hero Julian Assange is trying to enjoy life – or at least as well you can when you’ve been held captive in an embassy for seven years and a maximum-security prison for three years.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange married his long-term partner Stella Moris inside a British prison on Wednesday. Only four guests – two official witnesses and two security guards – were present for the ceremony, which sounds almost as grim as a COVID funeral.

On the other hand, the marriage ceremony was the prison’s first in twelve years!

Julian Assange.
Image courtesy: Getty Images.

Fighting back tears, Moris spoke to the media outside Belmarsh Prison following the ceremony. “You know what we are going through is cruel and inhuman”, she said. “The love that we have for each other carries us through this situation and any other that will come. He is the most amazing person in the world. He is wonderful and he should be free.

British authorities have held Assange, Australia’s most controversial ex-pat, in prison since 2019 while the US seeks to extradite him to face trial on espionage charges.

During Assange’s stay at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Assange had a penchant for riding scooters through the building’s cramped corridors. He also allegedly insulted staff and smeared faeces on walls, which probably did not help him curry favour among Ecuadorian authorities.

However, he managed to grab the attention of one person in particular. Assange commenced a secret relationship with Stella Moris while confined to the embassy, fathering two sons while claiming political asylum and avoiding extradition. Moris was a lawyer on Assange’s legal team. They started their relationship in 2015.

Earlier this month, Assange edged closer to a US trial on espionage charges after the UK’s highest court rebuffed his appeal against extradition.

More to come, we have no doubt.