Juran’s lustrous heat will make you melt in single ‘Wish U Well’

In an obsessively magnetic R&B tune, New Zealand artist, Juran, hypnotises all who hear the glistening echoes of Wish U Well. 

The gorgeously riveting soul singer, Juran, unleashes Wish U Well, a song about sexual obsession and becoming lost in all-consuming thoughts.

The track, accompanied by equally enticing visuals, encompasses a blend of honey vocals with hard-hitting lyrics that will put you under a spell.


Residing in East Arnhem Land, belonging to the Marrarrpa Clan, Juran joins forces with local Producer Andrew Grimes to create Wish U Well, mastered by Kris Keogh.

The smooth track is swizzled with the scent of R&B and soul, percussionist beats similar to the sounds of D’Angelo, and Stevie Wonders’ Master Blaster, ringing as an underlying vein of the track.

Juran’s vocals are simply electric, an enticing blend of Jorja Smith and Solange – making it impossible for the lyrics not to trickle down the spine; “I feel it creep over me/I let it take hold of me/ now how am I to know/you’re taking over my soul”. 


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The originally reggae-soul singer, swizzles in a pool of neon hues and lust, a dreamy allure not seen by listeners before.

The music video, filmed and edited by Matt ‘Aris’ McLean, brings to life the enticing melody, with the gorgeous Juran taking hold through the red hues and blue backdrop before enchanting an audience, with shots of a beguiled crowd mirroring her seductive sways.

Juran’s sultry sound echoes long after the track ends – there is no forgetting the hypnotic tones and intricately layered tune, drawing you in like a mermaid into forbidden waters.

Juran admits that the song reflects having fallen victim to overwhelming sexual drunkenness, delivering yourself so whole-heartedly to someone; “without worrying about the consequence of what you’re about to do”.

As a victim to the smooth latch of Juran, I only hope that she continues to allure as deeply and soulfully as she has in Wish U Well, something tells me I won’t be disappointed.

Fall under Juran’s spell with her new single below: