Just 2 days til’ our issue 4 launch! Limber up with a kick-heavy playlist courtesy of Pikachunes

We’re two days away from Underproof, the Happy Mag issue #4 launch party at the Botany View Hotel. A celebration of the emerging Sydney talent we enjoy so much, Underproof will see 5 local bands with under 500 Facebook likes take the stage for a free gig.

But when the clock strikes midnight a couple of selectors will be taking the reins for a pair of back to back DJ sets. First up will be our friend Pikachunes.


Pumped for the Happy Mag issue # 4 Launch? Before you head in on Thursday, limber up with 45 minutes of pure Pikachunes goodness.

If you’re still washing your ears out after hearing Pika’s remix of Oh Bukkake from Fascinator, this playlist probably won’t help. Kick-heavy and danceable from start to finish, it’s the perfect warm up to a night on the town with Happy.

And in the spirit of Underproof, the selections all come from emerging artists. You won’t find any tracks with a million plays here (even though that’s where they all should be).

Closing the night with a set from 1-2am will be Jake Stone.

In Happy Mag Issue #4:

We chat to Julia Jacklin for our cover interview.
Go behind the scenes with Sydney’s Polographia.
Tackle the question: Why are so many festivals still coming through with male-dominated lineups?
Hike the arduous path to a proper drug policy in Australia.
Meet the illustrators behind Laneway Festival.
And chat to the photographer who takes a lens to Tame Impala and POND.

If you’re in Sydney, join us for our issue # 4 launch party and grab yourself a free copy.


Thanks to our sponsors Audio Technica and The Gum Ball for making the night happen,.