Looking for that trademark Aussie rap? Look no further than K21

K21 are playing the game of [aussie-hip-hop] thrones and winning. Kid Sinatra is a cracker!

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Are you still a ‘kid’ at twenty-one? Adelaide’s young rapper K21 is here to answer that question on, the Kid Sinatra EP. He has that audibly distinct Australian hip-hop sound. A sound that has been partly created by the likes of those he has worked with including Hilltop Hoods. K21 has paved an impressive path towards a progressive local hip-hop status over the internet, the radio and festivals. Adelaide, it’s your turn to be proud.

K21 Golden Era Records

Bearing that familiar and oddly charming drawl of Aussie hip-hop, Adeliade’s K21 shows plenty of promise as one of the potential future stars of the genre.

With his solo project, Single Minded Civilian lapping up great success in 2014, Golden Era Records decided to sign him and collaborate on ideas. Recently they released the previously mentioned five-track EP that showcased new and old arrangements of music as a blurb style feature to his upcoming debut album, set to be released later this year. This album will include other artists on Golden Era; Trials, Vents, and Briggs and compliment the new existing talent in the local industry such as Marcus and Baro who make use of rapping as their expressive outlet.

K21’s music is strewn with lyrical wit and puns, acting like chants for general outcry and distaste towards, well, whatever he does not like. These lyrical annotations are also balanced with deeper and soulful rap ballads. With a thick Australian accent and an agenda to get his message across to society it puts him into the Seth Sentry/Bliss and Eso/360 basket of hip-hop in the country.

K21 is surely aware that this brand of music really works for him and is something he can pull off well for the masses. He has the jazz and saxophone sounds loops, similar to the welcoming alarm bell in the background of Won’t Stop. This makes it one of those “I’ve heard this before, I swear” songs but in a good way.

Seeing as some of his songs on Kid Sinatra were produced released a few years ago, his sound is modern, has aged well, matured and at the same time, will not become dated anytime soon. It does not take a professional to tell that the production on all of his tracks have been handled by people who know what they are doing. It really speaks volumes for K21’s determination to stand on the same level with his neighbourhood competition.

It is easy to see that there is a lot of support for K21’s music on the internet and not a whole lot of information about his personal life and background. This really lets his music speak for itself and flourish online and beyond.

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