Keep Sydney Open have officially announced their new political party

Protectors of Sydney nightlife and all-round legends Keep Sydney Open have officially announced the formation of their very own political party.

The new party will contest seats in both houses of NSW parliament at the 2019 state election, with a primary focus on seats in the upper house.

People now have a real choice and a course of action“: Keep Sydney Open are turning things up a notch with the announcement of their new political party.

This is bigger than a rally — way bigger. By putting lockout laws on the ballot of next year’s election, people now have a real choice and a course of action to rescind these laws, wind back the ‘nanny state’ and build a 24-hour city,” says Tyson Koh, FBi Radio presenter and spokesperson for the party.

“For more than over four years, our group has represented every person who believes that lockout laws were a knee-jerk reaction. We see with our own eyes that these laws have devastated the both the night- time economy and reputation of what was once a vibrant international city.” 

Thanks to the group, we’ve already seen the government start to wind back the controversial 2014 laws, with lockout times being relaxed by a half-hour for music venues.

“In short, we want to be proud of Sydney again,” Koh says. Us too, Tyson. Us too.

Best of luck, KSO!