What does Keep Sydney Open mean to artists? We chat to The Khanz ahead of their huge KSO gig

Keep Sydney Open – A Party for the FOMO Sapiens is just around the corner so we caught up with headliners The Khanz to chat through why the night means so much to them.

We got some pretty dope responses. It’s clear that these guys are a group taking the frustrating issue of the lockouts and turning it into something which actually seems to have made them as a band.

Take it away, Khanz.

the khanz keep sydney open - a party for the fomo sapiens

Why should you head along to Keep Sydney Open – A Party for the FOMO Sapiens? Take it from headliners The Khanz, who know a thing or do about running a top night.

“Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face” – Mike Tyson

The Khanz got punched in the face… three times. And the result, dead set, is one of Sydney’s hottest live acts.

Punch #1 was that, for legal reasons, the Khanz were prevented from recording until March 2018.

“We’ve been focused on recording for so long that it took a punch in the face to get us to stop. But it was the best thing that ever happened to us,” says bassist Nick Moran. “We started playing for people again. Real people, not industry people. We started playing to rooms of three people, none of whom gave a fuck about us. So we tried things. And we learned. And it built from there. Now we’re playing to rooms that just can’t stop moving and we’re all having the time of our lives. It’s so awesome.”

“Stop whinging about how shit the lockout laws have been and posting shit on socials to make yourself feel better. Get off your fat butt and do something about it.”

Punch #2 was the effect of Sydney’s lockout laws.

“We kept confronting how the live music scene in the Cross and Darlo areas had been royally screwed. And how tens of thousands of people were being punished because of a few dickheads.”

Punch #3 was that some people were doing something about it.

We had a gig at the Oxford Art Factory and some people from Keep Sydney Open were there recruiting members for a new political party. We all signed up. Afterwards, we were talking about it and someone had the idea to use our upcoming show at the Oxford Art Factory to support Keep Sydney Open.” And so Keep Sydney Open – A Party for the FOMO Sapiens was born.

The Khanz head up a hectic line-up of some of Sydney best up-and-coming party bands; Brother Brad, Billy Fox and Milkpunch. Meanwhile rising indie DJs, Raw Material, will keep the party going through the night.


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