Meet dream pop connoisseurs Folia aka Melbourne’s answer to London Grammar

Melbourne alt pop duo Folia have dived head first into a heart wrenching emotional abyss with their latest single Heart Beat.

If you’re a fan of London Grammar or The XX then this one is definitely for you. Sparse but rich in feverish yearning and aching vulnerability, Heart Beat is an absolute delight. It’s not catchy per say but it does hold you in a lost moment, its swelling choruses and light handed production making for a simple and elegant piece of music.


Folia is a red hot addition to your summer song collection, fresh and smooth, this is an act who will lull you into those hot summer nights and wind down the evenings.

Of the track itself the pair have said “Though fortunately neither of us have lost a significant loved one, Heart Beat is our own perception of the agony and frustration that would ensue following the loss of a loved one, encompassed with the fear of this happening and not having the chance to say goodbye”.   

Their second release as Folia, these guys have really managed to sonically and lyrically capture that feeling of gripping anxiety, that sadness and sorrow of missed opportunities and lost chances.

Although there is the dark undertone of death and tragedy mixed in, Heart Beat has the flexibility to work with so many emotional planes, from romantic disillusion to personal disappointment. The track has lyrical clarity leading it to be a really accessible release, but with big riffs which just wash around you. That bold, mournful pop sound has brought itself to Melbourne and been captured so effortlessly by Folia.

Heart Beat has been out for almost a month and I can’t believe I haven’t stumbled upon it sooner. If you’re spending the holidays alone and you’re looking for a song to comfort you, look no further than Folia.