We asked Hiaground and Mesmeriser to interview each other. It did not go to plan

It’s never going to be a bad interview when you get two musicians together to talk shop. That’s exactly what Happy did with Hiaground and Mesmeriser

Local legends Pat and Sam, from each band respectively, sat down and let it rip on all things early gigs at the bowlo, how to make a great pizza and their latest releases.

Check out the chat above, you won’t be the same after.

hiaground mesmeriser artist on artist interview

Before they play alongside one another this weekend at Selina’s, we asked Pat from Hiaground and Sam from Mesmeriser to shoot the shit.

Hiaground have a heap of shows coming up along the coast including Sydney and Wollongong. After a massive year already, these guys are showing no signs of slowing down.

Mesmeriser are also tearing up the town, supporting The Beautiful Girls at their Sydney show and shredding Dog Days Festival, this weekend’s set is looking to be the cherry on the sundae of a cracking 2017.

Catch both acts live:


December 20 – Sosume, Beach Road Hotel
December 22 – Selina’s, Coogee – with Mesmeriser
January 17 – Rad, Wollongong
Jan 25 – Moonshine Bar, Manly
Feb 24 – Get your Groove On, Bella Vista Farm


December 22 – Selina’s, Coogee – with Hiaground
January 12 –  Selina’s, Coogee