Support it, son: a score of local legends are holding a Christmas bash for Keep Sydney Open!

Keep Sydney Open have been nothing short of essential in the conservation of Sydney’s nightlife since it was first hammered by the lockout laws. And nobody knows this better than the bands who stick it out each and every weekend on stage.

That’s why four of Sydney’s hottest party ensembles are coming together in support of the cause. Hitting the essential Oxford Art Factory on December 22nd will be The Khanz, Brother Brad, Billy Fox and Milkpunch.

Here’s why you should come.

fomo sapiens keep sydney open the khanz

Killer bands, a righteous cause and the perfect time of year to get down. What more could you want from Keep Sydney Open: A Party for the FOMO Sapiens?

Not a few weeks back, The Khanz knocked another night out of the park at OAF. This time though, there were a cohort of Keep Sydney Open members signing punters up for their newly formed political party.

Every member of The Khanz signed up (see Charly above, holding her membership letter). What came next was a meeting between the band and their manager, discussing how else they could support the cause.

Thus, A Party for the FOMO Sapiens was born.

Bolstering the night to critical levels, they then called in favours from the harmonious Brother Brad, the steezy Billy Fox, hit machine Milkpunch, and deck renegades Raw Materials DJs. Each and every one of these acts have packed venues to the brim in past, so don’t be surprised if this one gets rowdy.

The Khanz have curated an especially raucous Pumped Up Kicks set for the night, something they’re calling “a big-stage, big-sound, big beat delivery of an eclectic pumped up mix of some of the old stuff, some of the new stuff and some tributes to other people’s stuff.”

A slick gig is more than enough reason to get out of bed in the morning. A great cause is the icing on top.


If A Party for the FOMO Sapiens sounds like your jam, grab your tickets here. $2 from each sale goes directly to Keep Sydney Open.