Mac Demarco played a jazzy AF set on ‘Colbert’ last night; met Tom Hanks, all was good

Mac Demarco had a pretty fun time on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night. First off, he met fellow guest, Tom Hanks, while wearing a fucking weird shirt featuring himself and Hanks.

He then breezed through a jazzed-up version of One Another from This Old Dog, backed by Colbert house band, Jon Batiste And Stay Human, which went down smooth.

Mac Demarco Hanks

Mac Demarco played a jazzy version of  One Another last night on ‘Colbert’ last night; and he met fellow good guy Tom Hanks.

Let’s start with the Tom Hanks meeting.

Mac was wearing a shirt reportedly designed by friend and illustrator Matt Volz. As Uproxx note, it features him and Da Vinci Code-era Hanks reading a parody Garfield comic and saying, “The Book Of Revelation speaks of a being called Sivad Mij. He is said to be the bringer of the apocalypse… Don’t you see it DeMarco? Sivad Mij backwards is Jim Davis, creator of Garfield! My god what is he trying to show us in this strip? We must warn the Vatican immediately!!”

Had a #gr8time. Big #love to @jonbatiste. Another hot #T from #yrboi @matthewvolznyc

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Not sure it Hanks totally got that one.

For a bit of context, Demarco wore a similar shirt when he and John Cena were both on Jimmy Fallon a couple of months back.

He then ripped into a This Old Dog cut, One Another with Jon Batiste and Stay Human, complete with buttery horns, twinkling piano, and Mac’s signature slinky guitar. It went down pretty damn well. Watch below.