PREMIERE: Paris Plan vent political frustration in blues-tinged new groove Oh, My Head!

Hailing from the creative depths of Melbourne is four piece R&B/alternative soul group Paris Plan, bringing upbeat soundscapes and hard-hitting, powerful vocals for your listening pleasure.

Oh, My Head! is Paris Plan’s groovy new jam, lead vocalist Lauren Boomgardt not only responsible for belting out the powerful lyrics, but for writing them too.

Crafting modern, politically charged R&B jams, Paris Plan are a creative four piece who aim to express their frustration with the world through their music.

Inspired by the debate surrounding same sex marriage, Boomgardt decided to take her feelings of disappointment with the Australian government and create something beautiful and powerful.

You know those nights when you’re lying in bed awake, wondering why the world is so fucked? I wrote this song after one of those, closely after the Australian Marriage equality debate kicked into gear,” says Boomgardt.

The chorus is like a vocal headache and a raised middle finger to the leaders who allowed this to happen in the first place.”

Complete with twangy guitars, lo-fi drums, a groovy bassline and dreamy keys, Boomgardt’s blues-tinged voice comes alive in Oh, My Head!, asserting a power and precision that makes her seem beyond her years.

The soulful track is undeniably catchy, with the main guitar riff driving the song rhythmically.

From performing sold out shows in early 2017 to maintaining a busy live schedule, the four piece have created a contemporary and unique sound of their own. Keep an ear to the ground for a second single and an EP come 2018!

One can only predict big things to come for this unstoppable four piece, using their music as a political force to be reckoned with.


Catch Paris Plan live at their Oh, My Head!  Single Launch: Saturday January 13th at Bar Open, Fitzroy. Details here.