Australia’s shithouse same sex marriage laws are earning New Zealand $550 million per year

In case it wasn’t already embarrassing enough that two people of the same sex still can’t get married in our country, this ought to do the trick. Our backwards fucking policies are literally cashing up the Kiwi economy, and by no small sum. Try half a billion dollars.

Being a wonderful, picturesque and forward thinking nation we’re becoming increasingly jealous of, New Zealand actually allows same sex marriage. This has essentially created a new market for our neighbours, as couples from China, the UK, America and Australia pour into the country for the purpose of a legal wedding ceremony. And they’re loving it.

bill english malcolm turnbull same sex marriage new zealand
Pictured: Kiwi PM Bill English laughing all the way to the bank

Money talks: Australia’s neverending negligence towards the importance of same sex marriage is becoming a joke. A very expensive joke.

According to a 2015 report conducted by ANZ bank, legislating same sex marriage could inject a whopping $550 million into the national economy within a year of the gavel coming down.

While LGBT couples from across the globe are jetting to NZ, Australia is no doubt stuffing their stockings the most. 58% of foreign, same-sex couples conducting their ceremonies in NZ are from their closest neighbours to the west.

Seems that Aussie pols will have to decide which is more disgusting to them: two people who love each other very much getting married in their own country, or conjuring up an extra $550 million dollars in each year’s budget.

Tough break.

Via SMH.