Tassie become the first state to fully pass support on same-sex marriage

Tassie’s State Parliament have passed in-principle support for marriage equality through the upper house, making the state the first in Australia to do so.


One small step for Tasmania = one HUGE step in legalising same-sex marriage across the nation!

Unlike previous times, the bill has now successfully been adopted by the Upper House, passing with a clear majority vote of 8-5.

Marriage Equality campaigner Rodney Croome spoke to media, stressing that the vote should be a clear message to the Federal Government.

“I think it sends a strong message to same-sex couples and their families that they are valued and should be treated equally and it sends a strong message to our federal Parliament to get on with the job of passing marriage equality.”

Meanwhile Labor MHA Lara Giddings explained that the successful Upper House vote was more evidence that a plebiscite is unnecessary.

“Tasmania has taken a stand just as I’m positive a groundswell of Federal MPs would be willing to take a stand with a free vote on the floor.”

Some fine news, and a small victory in the way of this frustratingly ongoing issue.