Jack River gets us swimming in pools of synth, and low key indie vocals on stunning new track, Talk Like That

For those of you who haven’t already been introduced to Jack River – take off your shoes because you’re about to go swimming in synth.

Jack River

Jack River gets our senses drowning in a pool of synth, sensual lyricism, and sweet indie-pop vocals on new single, Talk Like That.

Jack River, aka Holly Rankin, is a Sydney-based indie pop(ish) artist as well as the newest addition to Melbourne label I Oh You. This hip label are the very same fine young chaps who have looked after some of our favourite acts such as Violent Soho, DMAs and Bleeding Knees Club.

Combining elements of new wave, surf rock, psych, pop and electronica, Jack River strolled into Sydney’s scene with the sort of aura about her that makes you wish you already knew her.

Being an ex Forster gal, Rankin boasts a strong connection to nature, which seems to feather it’s way into her music with a refreshing subtlety. The thirst for aforementioned natural nuances can be quenched by heading over to your new favourite Spotify artist profile and while you’re there be sure to give her a follow because there’s plenty more goodies to pop into your sweet vibes playlists on the way.

It’s been a big month for both Holly and I Oh You with not just the reveal of her signing, but also the release of her latest cracker of a single Talk Like That. The track has an incredibly tangible, organic feel that seems to come pretty naturally to Holly. There is an air of self-produced originality that draws you into this track but it’s still so damn hooky that you’re going to be singing that sweet synth riff for days.

Crisp drums tie in perfectly with immersive synth sounds and are sending a sort of Postal Service vibe, which I can’t get enough of.

Nothing about Talk Like That feels forced or overproduced and has the raw, honest voice about it that you would expect from a singer/songwriter. It’s a real collage of pop, indie and folk with a few touches of early 2000’s sad synth (see Casiotone For The Painfully Alone)

When you’re lying on the floor with your headphones on craving more, you can find peace in the fact that there has been word of an EP currently in post-production. Currently in the more than capable hands of producer/engineering guru Ben Allen (M.I.A., Cut Copy, Animal Collective), we can expect to be repetitively jamming it in our eardrums sometime later this year.

Fun for the whole family, get some.