Watch Violent Soho’s epic WACO mini doco feat. DZ Deathrays, Dune Rats and the Gooch Palms

If you didn’t make it to Violent Soho‘s recent WACO tour, I’m sorry but you missed out on something truly epic. The unholy combination of Soho, DZ Deathrays, Dune Rats and the Gooch Palms was one for the ages. Watch it in all its glory below.

violent soho

Violent Soho recently wrapped up their epic WACO tour alongside DZ Deathrays, Dune Rats and the Gooch Palms. They filmed the whole thing. Awesome.

It’s basically a huge love-in between the bands. Don’t be surprised if you get a little teary.

Violent Soho also left this cryptic message on their Facebook alongside the video:

“We had the time of our lives on the WACO tour with DZ Deathrays, DUNE RATS and The Gooch Palms. Thanks to everyone who came out and partied with us. We are still so stoked so here’s a video we put together to explain just how much it all meant to us.

Oh and if you had fun on the WACO tour check back in here tomorrow morning…”

Wonder what it could be?